Step by step

January 27, 2006

Almost a month later, I have accepted the teaching job. I still don’t know exactly what I’m getting myself into, because I haven’t met Dr. Previous yet. She taught the course in the past and will teach it again in the future. I hope I can use at least some of her material.

I discovered one of the perks of teaching: free textbooks! So far I’ve only requested examination copies of the books I will actually use, but I must say I’m tempted to try for at least one more.

Yesterday, I went to the Science Library on campus for the first time – that’s what you get from working at an institution rather than at the university. It’s a beautiful modern building that houses all the musty outdated books you expect a library to have. Hence, I now have a textbook from 1980 and an atlas from 1990 to review my course material. I am eagerly awaiting my newly ordered books, but for now, these older ones have to do.

It’s not too bad, actually. I remember quite a bit of what I learned over 10 years ago, and I find myself making mental notes of things to point out and emphasize in class. I’m not confident I can do it yet, but I’m just a bit more excited than scared, and that’s a good thing.