Say ‘boom’!

November 10, 2007

Since I’m commenting more on other people’s blogs these days, using this blog to do so anonymously, it’s only fair that I update here a bit. I have several posts in mind that are waiting to be written (or, you know, not), but I’ll start of with a cute little story.

When Mio was three months old, he started to laugh at the word ‘boom!’, especially when it was accompanied by some sudden movement. We did that a lot, and joked that his first word would probably be ‘boom!’.

More than a year went by, and apart from ‘mama’, ‘dada’ and lots of excitedly uttered syllables,  no real words yet. But yesterday I was playing and laughing with him while I  carried him on my arm. “Can you say ‘boom’?”, I asked him, out of the blue.


I’m so proud of him.